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Kapolei Ballet Classes:

Honolulu Dance Studio & Boogie Down Productions offers ballet instruction at beginner and advanced levels in private on-on-one sessions, or within a small class environment.

Our classical ballet training is geared toward providing a solid foundation for competitive performance, a creative form of physical fitness, and to improve overall coordination and poise.

Kapolei classes include advanced barre and floor techniques where dancers of all ages are encouraged to develop discipline, grace, and self-confidence.

Pre-Ballet (3- 4 yrs.)

Training in basic ballet positions and condensed dance routines with a strong focus on developing co-ordination.

Beginner / Level 1 – 2 (5 yrs. min.)

Longer dance combinations are introduced along with ballet terminology and more advanced formation.

Level 3

Introduction to "barre" exercise, exploration of balance and floor technique.

Level 4 – 5

Fundamental and advanced barre and floor combinations are practised and reviewed to achieve mastery. Students are encouraged to develop their technique.

Level 5 (Advanced)

With instructor approval students begin “en pointe” lessons and practice more challenging routines and techniques.